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MRS Kitchen

MRS Kitchen

At the heart of our success as one of the leading food stations in Kolkata is our versatility. Backing our operations is a team of culinary experts who- at once – are adroit in handling party orders as well as well in conducting live counters. Here’s more information about the services offered by us.

Party Orders

Is it your kids’ birthday? Or, your anniversary? Are you conducting a kitty party at your house? Or, Kirtan? We are adept at handling party orders for 50-500 people. Our 100% vegetarian and eggless platters have already garnered unequivocal appreciation from the fussiest of foodies around.

We understand that as hosts, you have to fulfil a number of responsibilities without leaving any room for complaint—talk about preparing guest lists, planning party decorations and attending to guests. You can, however, leave the culinary responsibilities to us. Notably, we do have the long reputation of serving properly packed party orders on time. They are delicious too!


Besides parties (like the aforementioned ones mentioned above) we are serving at picnics as well. The packed food items delivered by us combine the best virtues of health and taste. We ensure safety in all crucial junctures starting right from preparing it to packing and consequently delivering it. It’s not without reasons that we are hailed as one of the best food stations to have worked its magic in the City of Joy in recent times.

Thanks to our versatility, impeccable culinary range and affordability, we have been successful in making our way to your hearts through your apetite!

Live Counters

Our live counters or stalls serve a wide range of gastronomic delights including:

Bakery items including pastries, chocolates, theme cakes, fondant cakes, paneer puff, doughnuts, designer cakes and muffins
Chhola Batura
Do reach out to our team for further menu details.

Retail Shop

A crucial part of our plans for the future.

Megha Gupta, our revered owner, now looks forward to taking her dream to serve foodies in Kolkata to the next level. A retail shop right at the heart of the city is in her immediate scheme of things.

We have already garnered unrivaled appreciation for our ability to serve a wide range of real tasty delicacies within reasonable price brackets. Our customers today stand as our biggest campaigners and it’s your unquestionable faith in our capabilities that has emboldened us to dream thus.


More about the Plans

Talks about our retail shop are still in their nascent stage. However, we can promise you that plans aren’t dwindling eventually. With this retail shop, we are aiming for a wider reach. Our clients will be able to reach us more easily and we can also redefine their fine dining experience by weaving a perfect ambience right within our premises. Ms Gupta’s entrepreneurial dreams are governed by an indomitable urge to serve you – to exceed expectations when it comes to offering unassailable quality, taste, health and hygiene. Team Mrs Kitchen is driven by similar virtues.

We hope to see you soon!