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MRS Kitchen

Wedding Caterer in Newtown Kolkata

Wedding ceremony holds immense importance in all countries but for India, it demands a different arrangement altogether. People are foodies here, we enquire about the food menu when we get an invitation to the ceremony. This is how we are! We enjoy all the rituals of a wedding but the food is one of the most vital factors behind those enjoyments.

Kolkata is already a city where diversified delicacies are celebrated. People here love to hop through various food stations to get something new. Serving in Kolkata as a renowned wedding caterer since years, we have noticed that people here are very particular about taste. Satisfying tastebuds of the guests along with a luring appearance to ignite the appetite is what they expect from the wedding caterers.

Mrs Kitchen being a multi-cuisine food station and wedding caterer in Newtown, Kolkata understands the emotion of all Kolkatians for food and keeping this in mind, we try to deliver a satisfying culinary experience for all food connoisseurs here in the special occasion of wedding. With us, you will be able to taste the best vegetarian platters. The unique amalgamation of vegetarian dishes with an innovative twist of taste we prepare something exclusive that you may not have tasted before.

We have an esteemed clientele whose valuable feedbacks on our dishes pave our way towards improvement. We prioritise them the most. We are here to understand your requirements thoroughly so that we can meet your expectations accurately. Every client holds the same importance for us. As a celebrated wedding caterer in Newtown, Kolkata we can take care of the catering service for 50-500 people. A promising gastronomic experience at an economical price is what we offer.

It is your special day; to add more charm to it, you may have something in your mind. If you have a predetermined idea and you want to get customised decorations and preparation for your occasion, we are here to give it a shape.